Casa Kitchens | Kitchen Maintenance Tips
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Kitchen Maintenance Tips

The kitchen is the heart of your home but maintaining it is a crucial process. In order to keep your kitchen clean, make sure that you follow the below tips regularly.


• Clean your kitchen regularly. Scrub floors, counter tops, appliances and clean out your refrigerator, throwing away old and rotten food.


• Keep items that you use regularly in accessible areas. For example, coffee and coffee filters should be close to the coffee maker and/or espresso machine. You might soon realise that you have extra storage or counter space for your other items.


• Pre-wash your dishes and place them straight in the dishwasher, or wash items as soon as you are done with them. When you have a big family, it is important that you do not wait until the other following meals, because then your dishes pile up. It is also an excellent way to cut down your dish washing time.


• Wiping down your stove tops and burners need to be a daily task and a great practice to avoid food particles from getting clogging on your stove.


• We generally forget to wipe down the cabinets. The scum and spill from cooking and stains left by young children and pets typically take a toll on your cabinets. Taking a minute or two to merely wipe down cabinets can keep your kitchen looking new, and will put off the need for replacing or repainting cabinets.