Casa Kitchens | What Are Modular Kitchens?
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What Are Modular Kitchens?

The design of a kitchen can change your life. If you think that is a tall claim, then you just have to look at a Casa kitchen. From the most innovative and stress-free storage ideas, to highly advanced kitchen appliances, and kitchen fittings that have made functionality as graceful as can be. The old kaddapa structures of a civil kitchen have made way for finely finished kitchen cabinets made of Marine Ply, that give the kitchen a perfectly finished look, besides being water-proof. Kitchen cabinets on the walls offer ample space for storage, with the corners put to good use as well.


BLUM tandem boxes, drawer system has find favour with the discerning homemaker who values modern day functionality. Kitchen fittings from blum like the blumotion soft-closing mechanism and the AVENTOS lift-up flaps for overhead units also are hugely popular. Once seen, you’d never want anything else.


Besides the kitchen cabinets and kitchen trolleys, Casa has a whole range of kitchen design ideas like creative backsplashes, LED lighting, floating shelves, etc. Not to mention the mind-boggling range of kitchen shutters that will leave you spoilt for choice. The new EUROPEN shutter range from CASA is incomparable to any other brand, and you have to see it to believe it.


Lastly, not to miss out on the appliances, CASA offers a wide range of kitchen hobs, kitchen ovens, kitchen chimneys and kitchen sinks as per individual needs and . From five-burner hobs to induction hobs, free-standing kitchen chimneys to decorative chimneys, from built-in kitchen ovens to the wide range of kitchen sinks… you’ll find them all here.


So, if you are planning to revamp your kitchen, be sure to check out CASA, The Kitchen Specialist, at your nearest CASA outlet. You would love it most definitely!